Florida's Most EXPENSIVE Fish...Here's Why! Catch Clean Cook (Florida Pompano)

Florida's Most EXPENSIVE Fish...Here's Why! Catch Clean Cook (Florida Pompano)

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29 December, 2023
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Today we are commercial fishing for Florida Pompano out of Jupiter, Florida. Our goal was to run the beach looking for a fish known as pompano. These inshore fish roam Florida's Coast from Late fall to early spring as they migrate down our coast with falling water temperatures. These fish are highly sought after for their delicious fillets and they are one of Florida's most expensive fish, due to their nature of being here one day gone the next. These fish are highly unpredictable and are very rarely in the same area for more than a day or two! While looking for pompano we found an huge school jack crevalle and had some fun catching them on poppers as well! I prepared a delicious grilled pompano on the @campchef Apex grill, Enjoy!

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