Why NOBODY Eats this FISH- Catch Clean Cook -Sailfish (Kola Fish)

Why NOBODY Eats this FISH- Catch Clean Cook -Sailfish (Kola Fish)

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After many failed attempts, Brook and I finally put a sailfish in the boat for a catch clean cook. We have caught several sailfish this year, but most of them were undersize as sailfish have to be 63" to keep from the lower jaw to the middle of the tail. Atlantic Sailfish are one of the fastest deep sea fish in the ocean. The sailfish we caught was hooked in the tail and was pretty lifeless when we got it on the boat, nothing we could have prevented. I'm happy we got to do our catch n cook with a fish that wouldn't have survived anyway! Most people smoke sailfish and make it into dip, but i wanted to see how it did on the grill!

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