Episode #7, 2024: Panfish and Tip Ups - FULL EPISODE

Episode #7, 2024: Panfish and Tip Ups - FULL EPISODE

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17 February, 2024
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Episode 7
Panfish & Tip-Ups
Show Date: February 17, 2024
Location: Vilas County, Wisconsin
Accommodations: St. Germain Lodge [715-542-3433 - www.stgermainlodge.com]

This week we’re exploring what Vilas County is so good at, variety! We head out for an evening of pan-fishing, catching crappies, gills, and perch. The next day we go to another lake, and put out a big spread of Beaver Dams for walleye and pike. We ended up fishing during a front, so the tip-ups didn’t result in a lot of big fish, but we were busy most of the day with flags, so we weren't bored.

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