Flyfishing at the Maldives — a humbling story far from home

Flyfishing at the Maldives — a humbling story far from home

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24 April, 2024
Fly Fishing
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Flyfishing at the Maldives — Emilie Björkman identify herself as a salmon fly fisher. That’s been her reason for being the last 10 years, while fly fishing the wild rivers of northern Sweden for the big Baltic salmon. In short, the salmon’s life cycle consists of migrations. From the river’s freshwater, for hatching and spawning, to the sea and saltwater where they migrate for growth.

In the winter of 2024, Emilie did a similar journey as her beloved salmon. From the ice-covered waters of Sweden, she travelled to the Maldivian saltwater and atolls of the Indian Ocean in search of the infamous Giant Trevally. And just like the salmon, she had the intention of growing — as a fly fisher.

This is the humbling story of a northern salmon angler far from home, in the surf zones of the Indian Ocean. Along the way Emilie spends time with some of the nicest people to ever swing a flyrod, while being accompanied by some of the most skilful guides there are; and saltwater enthusiast Oskar Wignäs, owner of Outside Travels.

This is a production by Undefined flyfishing project and an episode for the series Emilie abroad.

This project is supported by Loop Tackle design, Outside Travels, Vallon

Special thanks to Andreas Broman, Eva Svedlund, Micke Svedlund and Tor Ygdevik.

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