Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 9/25/2023

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 9/25/2023

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26 September, 2023
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Brian brings us the forecast this week. We have a few updates from the aftermath of the tropical storm that covered much of the State over the weekend. Unfortunately here in the Valley we didn't get a ton of rain. Totals ranged from half an inch to over 2 inches about 35 miles from Harrisonburg. There was much more rain East of the Blue Ridge. The Allegheny's received .25-1 inch of rain in our area. The brook trout streams didn't get much relief from this system to our west. It is looking like we will need quite a bit more water to really get things pumping for the fall season. That said we got a nice bump on some of our larger rivers. The South Fork is up and running clear today. Flows should make floating a lot easier for the next week or 10 days to help us finish out our bass fishing season. It will be a very nice week ahead with highs in the 60's and lows in the mid to low 50's! Hello fall weather! Trout anglers are enjoying some action on Mossy Creek and the tailwaters. Tricos are still hatching in the morning. Hoppers, ants, beetles, and crickets continue to take fish. Small droppers like frenchies and zebra midges are key flies for picky fish. There will be some overcast and rainy days this week that will make for some great streamer fishing. Bass anglers need to have a range of flies this time of year. Cooler nights can slow down that topwater bite we love so much. Starting the day with crayfish and minnow patterns will put some fish in the boat and once the sun has warmed things up you should be able to cap off your day with some bug fishing. Cork bugs, swim frogs, and wiggle minnows will make for some fun late season action. Musky anglers are getting excited as the temps cool off. The added flows this week will make for some less spooky fish. If you are ready to gear up for the fall season or have a trip planned we have all the apparel, waders, boots, jackets, and gear to be properly outfitted. Folks have been enjoying deep discounts on gear with our End of Summer Sale. Stop in and see us and keep praying for more rain!